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Project Management

Project Management Our Project Management strategy has the following traits:

I. Active Management Process, through Project Team
In our daily activities, we define the concept of succes of a project through the reactions of our Client, through his attitudes and appreciations regarding the success of the project. This is why, in order to provide a succsssful project, we define a dedicated project team, with proven experience in organizing, coordination and implementation of projects, with updated project management knowledge, as well as with technical competences in the specific field of the project.
The team project will be actively involved in the implementation of each activity, co-operating permanently with all interested project parties and trying to forecast and prevent any potential problems.
An active management process requires dedication, involvement and participation in each activity, monitoring, evaluation and checking activity related to the achievement of expected results, as well as uninterrupted communication with all interested parties.
II. Professional Expertise of the Project Team
The professional expertise of a project team consists in all the project management and technical competences of each team member. It depends on the appropriate mixture of experience and competence for each project implementation stage.
III. Project Monitoring and Evaluation
Proiect Consulting Ltd has decided that monitoring and evaluation of the project implementation should be conducted by every expert involved in implementation, in order to quickly notice any problem and take measures before it becomes serious.
Our project methodology addresses the project management beginning with the project start activities, which we regard as having the same importance, or even more importance than the general project management activities, since the first impression and the first meeting with the Beneficiary impacts on the proper development of the project.

Documentations for Tenders

The documentations for tenders usually comprise many documents (Data Sheet, Forms, Terms of Reference, etc.), which must be carefully prepared from the beginning, in order to prevent many clarifications and potential disputes, which would burden considerably the contract assignment process.


According to Government Decision 907/2016, the technical-economic documentations for investments financed from public funds ...



Proiect Consulting Ltd. offers to its clients and potential clients consulting services for various stages of an investment project, from establishment of the scope of design to reception of final unit.



Supervision of construction works is a component of the consulting services for construction business.



Our Project Management strategy has the following traits: